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I’ve worked with a lot of massage therapists and I can genuinely say that the two massages I’ve received from Michael are the best I’ve ever had. They have also felt the most effective – the increase in my mobility and the reduction in my chronic pain are really noticeable.

Michael has a very intentional and thoughtful quality to his work and a calm and sincere presence. I know that as someone who doesn’t always feel comfortable with/in my body (also known as a human), going to a new massage therapist can be daunting but it was a truly comforting and healing environment – highly, highly recommended!
— Jenn S.
I had tweaked my back a couple prior and the pain was radiating down my hip and quad. I was also five weeks postpartum, so pretty fragile. Michael asked a lot of questions as he worked and eventually found the root of the problem – on the opposite side I had presumed – and gave me a really effective massage. I had limped in, hobbled out, could walk straight the next day and am ow in very little pain. Thanks Michael!
— A.S. (Social Worker, Oakland)
Just had the most epic massage by Michael, he’s amazing. I have had many massage experiences and can honestly say this is the best therapeutic massage I’ve ever had. Michael was friendly yet professional, and knew how to free up my locked up muscles. I’m in chronic pain a lot of the time due to my working position and it was a huge relief to find someone who could truly make a difference in my body rather than just help me chill out for a while. I’ve left so many massages feeling like the pain and soreness was still there, not this time though, I feel great! Thanks Michael!
— R.B. (Tattoo Artist, San Francisco)
Michael is a savior! It’s been years that I’ve been living with a shoulder problem and it’s something I’ve just learned to ignore but after going I can’t believe the movement I now have! Originally I just went in to help relieve some neck pain but came out with a huge bonus of a fully functional shoulder.
— Christina M.