Michael graduated from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration® in Boulder, Colorado and is a Certified Rolfer®. He has had the opportunity to study and mentor under some of the great first generation Rolfers including Ray McCall, Gael Rosewood, and Jim Asher. Michael sees Rolfing as a way to look at relationships and compensation patterns in the body as it functions upright in gravity. He is deeply interested in functional movement and postural alignment, and how they play a role in our daily lives, and our sense of self.

Chronic pain from old sports injuries led Michael to Rolfing. In the process of seeking relief from pain he discovered the multidimensional therapeutic power of bodywork. His work incorporates techniques and formal education with an intentional-touch approach that he has cultivated as a student of multiple mind-body awareness practices.

Prior to his training at the Rolf Institute, he studied therapeutic massage at the Diamond Light School of Healing Arts in Fairfax, CA where he received a great start to his bodywork education and began to understand how complex this work really is.

Throughout his education and practice he’s come to believe that it’s just as important to know human anatomy, as it is to forget about it, and address the human being as a whole. As a Rolfer he works with all parts of the human structure including connective tissue (fascia), bone, ligaments, and joints, as well as muscles. He is also interested in working with the nervous system, especially in clients with chronic pain and a sense of un-ease in their bodies. He enjoys working with clients whose goals range from pain management, to increased functionality and performance, to a more embodied sense of self.